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The Consortium

Narvi is the name of a new satellite, one of Saturn's moons...

Narvi is a marketing consortium composed of international partners in order to

address emerging needs in North America as part of the Electric & Smart Transportation, Rail Transportation, Energy as well as the Smart City/HVAC and Medical.


Narvi Consortium is a world leader in the industrialization of integrated electronic and electromechanical systems for the industries previously named.


Our positioning in North America (Canada, United States) and Europe, will meet the requirements of support or local content, while bringing together the complementary know‐how of each partner. This will also allow European customers to enter North America through local expertise.

Consortium Partners


Our mission is to enable customers to focus on their core competencies by outsourcing to our excellent multidisciplinary services.


Progress - Excellence - Flexibility


To be a world class value-added partner for our customers

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To assist the consortium with consulting services in engineering, project management and environment.

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