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Electronic System
Box Built &
Circuit Board Manufacturing

Manufacturing subsets and integration of electronic services & electromechanical assemblies

  • Box Built and electronic assembly services

  • Our facilities include staff and production workers trained to produce printed circuit boards assemblies according to IPC610 & 620


We manufacture complete systems and has experience in supplying full box build assembly, tested and commissioned finished products.

Printed circuit board assembly 

We have a complete range of surface mount assembly lines (SMT) that allow us to process your small or large production runs.

Surface mount technology has advanced rapidly making the components and circuit boards increasingly smaller and more powerful than their thru-hole equivalents.

Our assembly equipment and our qualified staff allow us to meet all your needs.

Development, manufacturing, integration, sales and support of PCBA 

Harnesses assembly

We are a wire harness manufacturer that has the ability to customize each wire harness design. 

Test Strategies

  • Qualification Testing

  • Production Testing

  • Compliance Testing

  • Test Equipment Design

  • Issue Tracking

  • Bench Test

  • Fabrication  (DFM)

  • Tests (DFT)

  • Assembly (DFA)

  • Service (DFS)

  • Environmental test chamber services (Burn-In)

  • Test bench and test softwares

  • Test sequences, Labview

  • Bed of nails​

Product Lifecycle

Many of the electronic parts that compose a product have a life cycle that is significantly shorter than the life cycle of the product. Obsolescence of electronic parts is a major contributor to the life cycle cost of systems.

Effective life cycle management is an influential strategy to minimize product costs, promises the best possible supply and evades opportunity losses.

Major Achievements

  • Since more than 35 years, Public Adress General Alarm (PA/GA) & peripherals, Time synchronization transmitters for hazardous sites (Utilities, Oil&gaz, Mines)

  • Since more than 30 years, high-end connected thermostats, power board and control PCBA for HVAC residential & commercial

  • Since more than 20 years, high-level hospital bed controllers & sterilizer electronic sub-assemblies for medical applications

  • Since more than 15 years, more than 65 projects (door controllers, BTE, etc.) delivered to major transportation OEMs

  • Since more than 8 years, large mass production of control boards for air systems in the automotive industry 

  • and a lot more...

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Jean-Daniel Binant

" We will handle your project and help you find the best solutions "

VP Market Development

Electronics Assembly Solutions

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