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Automotive /
Electric & Smart Transportation

  • EV Charging Station

  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

    • ​Collision avoidance

    • Presence detection

    • Object profiling & classification

    • Tracking & speed

    • Distance measurements

    • Gesture recognition

  • Engine air flow control

  • Vehicle management unit 

  • Weighing systems 

  • Proficient in Automotive taping, solder sleeve application, and wire marking utilizing inkjet or hot stamping

  • Braiding capability to 80 feet length, 5 inched O.D.

  • Battery cable production to size 500 mcm

  • Wire harnesses, sub assemblies and control panels


North America Business Units

Specialized workforce:

>500 persons

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To assist the consortium with consulting services in engineering, project management and environment:

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